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NEW Heets Yellow Green Selection

Yellow Green: is a new tobacco and citrus fragrance without the menthol. It comes in a bright lettuce pack. The new HEETS has a rich, but unobtrusive tobacco and citrus flavour. The tobacco aroma dominates and is felt from the first seconds. By the end of the puff, the citrus aroma opens up - a little juicy and fresh, a little spicy.
The sticks have a pleasant citrus aroma. It can be felt even just by opening the pack. However, there is no menthol and its characteristic freshness in the taste or aroma.What flavour does HEETS Yellow Green taste like?HEETS Yellow Green has no direct equivalent in the IQOS stick range. It is a new and unique flavour.
Its closest equivalents in terms of strength (saturation) of tobacco flavour would be HEETS Yellow. But if the yellow HEETS, according to some users' reviews, has a more herby and bread flavor, the Yellow Green has a very clean tobacco flavor, enhanced with a citrusy aftertaste.
If you compare the citrus aroma, the closest would probably be HEETS Green Zing. But the menthol flavour definitely dominates, followed by the tobacco and citrus flavours.

Tobacco products (HeatSticks) are intended only for electric heating iQOS. Sale is carried out in 1 carton (10 packs of 200 tobacco sticks).

Made at PMI factory in Central Asia

  • In 1 pack-20 sticks.
  • In a carton of 10 packs
  • The net weight of the tobacco mixture in a single stick: 6.1 g.
  • Weight 250 g

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